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Burger King (BK) is the largest hamburger and restaurant chain in America and it has its root in Florida. Previously it was known as Insta-Burger King but due to some of its financial crises the company was in loss so they renamed their company by Burger King. It was founded in 1953. After passing from many stages of construction Burger King appointed executive of McDonald to redesign the Burger King.

It is the second largest food chain in the world. It has 15,000 branches all over the world and it has its branches in 80 countries of the world. They have many things to serve to their customers. Such as soft drinks, salad, milk shakes, French fries, soda, French toast stick, mini-muffins etc. it is also famous for its burger that is their specialty. They serve very good quality food and the taste is also amazing. Now it is become a trade mark product.


Eligibility criteria of mybkexperience participation

There are eligibility criteria that should be followed by an individual to participate in the The participation actually means a survey which is totally based on the costumers who actually visited the Burger King. This survey is based on the experience of customers about the food and environment. It is one of the leading restaurant chain in the world so you can imagine that the competition with other restaurant is very tough and your feedback can make us more accurate.

  • The first condition is that you should be above 18 years. That’s how you can participate in the survey.
  • The other condition is that you shouldn’t be the part of any Burger King branch.
  • Your close relatives must not be a part of Burger King.
  • You must be the resident of United State, Canada and Puerto Rico.
  • You must have spoken English and Spanish in your daily life.
  • You must have time for the survey.
  • You must have to show the last receipt of your bill that you use in your last visit.
  • That receipt was valid up to three days.
  • A twenty digit code was written on the receipt is also very important.
  • Then you need a good source of communication. Such as laptop or PC. And a good network connection

Steps to Give your Feedback

After completing the eligibility criteria you can easily follow these steps to Give your feedback about mybkexperience.

  • Open your web browser.
  • Open the website
  • You will see a field which is empty, enter your restaurant number which is written on your receipt.
  • Enter your contact number.
  • Enter your language and click on the “next” button.
  • A next page will appear that required a 20 digit code which is written on your receipt.
  • Enter your survey code written on your receipt.
  • Click on “start” button.
  • Answer your first question that will be about your experience at Burger King.
  • Answer the other required details.
  • Click on the “next” button.
  • A page will appear which will be the actual page of mybkexperience
  • On this page a code will be provided to you. Keep it safely.
  • You can also pay your cashier a gift of compensation.

By mybkecxperience .com is an official website for the food restaurant. Surveys are very easy to conduct but your little survey can get the feedback to the company about its progress. You can ask any queries regarding to the mybkexperience.

Contact Details

There are some contact details of mybpexperience about their discount offers, their menu and many other related things. There is a team which works for the Burger King Costumer care center.

  • You can use the customer care service number to call them that is:


  • The customer care helpline is available 24/7 for the customers.
  • You can also send your ideas to Burger King headquarters 5505 Lagoon Drive Miami, FL 33126

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